Rebbie Jackson

1984 > Centipede
1. Centipede*
2. Come Alive It’s Saturday Night
3. Hey Boy
4. Open Up My Love
5. Play Me (I’m A Jukebox)*
6. I Feel For You
7. A Fork In The Road*
8. Ready For love
1986 > Reaction
1. Reaction*
2. Ain’t No Way To Love
3. Ticket To Love
4. You Don’t Know What You’re Missing
5. You Send The Rain Away*
6. If You Don’t Call (You Don’t Care)
7. Always Wanting Something
8. Tonight I’m Yours
9. Lessons (In The Fine Art Of Love)
1988 > R U Tuff Enuff
1. Perfect Combination
2. Read Between The Lines
3. This Love Is Forever
4. R U Tuff Enuff*
5. Plaything*
6. Friendship Song
7. Sweetest Dreams
8. Distant Conversation
1998 > Yours Faithfully
1. What You Need
2. Play Your Game
3. Yours Faithfully*
4. Get Back To You
5. I Don’t Want To Lose You
6. Fly Away
7. You Take Me Places
8. Once In A Lifetime Love
9. Baby, I’m In Heaven
10. Koo Koo
11. Centipede
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